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This website is a showcase for the proposed TCTC educational programme. Some aspects are already being delivered such as visits to Moor Pools allotments and tree walks. Others will follow if the Trust is able to acquire the Moor Pool Hall, and fund renovation and upgrading. The Nettlefold Ecology Centre is being renovated and the Trust already has the greenhouse ready for use with funding for a new outside educational growing area. Allotments are being restored and a new community garden commenced.

Welcome to the Moor Pool Heritage Trust (MPHT) educational programme website.

The MPHT was set up in 2011 to acquire the ownership of the community facilities on the Moor Pool Estate. Through the following pages you will be able to find out about the opportunities centred on the Moor Pool Hall, the Trust provides for Primary and Secondary schoolchildren to learn about architecture, history, healthy living and community. All these are skills and values which we hope those children will take forward to build better communities of tomorrow. Moor Pool is probably one of the UK's most intact garden suburbs providing a unique mixture of:

  • architectural history
  • allotments
  • green space
  • trees
  • wildlife
  • sporting facilities
  • community meeting space

Moor Pool and the Moor Pool Hall which has served its own community so well over the last hundred years now provides an opportunity for todays children to develop social awareness and stronger communities in the future.

Moor Pool was the inspiration of John Sutton Nettlefold, first Chairman of the Birmingham City Council Housing Committee.

Please visit our main website if you would like to learn about our restoration works which have been ongoing since 2009 and also our plans for the future, to not only secure Moor Pool's community facilities but to ensure the widest possible audience continues to appreciate and benefit from Nettlefold's unique legacy to the City.

Dutch students visiting Moor Pool

The Moor Pool Hall is the centre for provision of the TCTC Educational Programme. The main hall has a capacity of 120 with provision of tables and chairs to enable a variety of classes to take place.

"I liked learning about the history of the houses" Raisa

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